This stunning Carbon Black BMW X5 M50i came to our facility from Hendrick BMW with less than twenty miles on the odometer for an all-out protection package. The owner spared no expense in protecting their new investment and opted to have all of our protective films and coatings offerings applied to the vehicle. This extensive service package included:

STEK Film Applications:

  • Custom Full Body Paint Protection Film Installation using STEK DYNOshield
  • Exterior Windshield protection using STEK DYNOflex
  • Ceramic Window Tint for all of the interior glass using STEK SMARTseries

Ceramic Coating Applications:

  • Ceramic Wheel & Caliper Coating using Nv NOVA WHEEL
  • Ceramic Glass Coating using Nv NOVA GLASS
  • Interior Leather Coating using Nv Guardian

Our skilled installers went through exhausting measures to deliver the best final result by hand crafting every panel of film. Every panel of PPF was installed in one piece without seams and exposed edges. The exterior windshield film was tucked into the gaskets on both sides and shaved against the top edge of the glass. Ultimately these techniques deliver the cleanest possible aesthetic with wrapped and tucked edges, while also providing as much coverage as possible. Our client will now have the ability to enjoy their vehicle without the worry of getting scratches and rock chips. The ceramic coating applications will make for substantially easier cleanings, making future detailing a breeze. Lastly, we equipped the client for long term success with their film & coating maintenance by providing hands on education and quality STEK Formula, Nv Car Care and KLIN Korea products from Parks Car Care.

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