This stunning 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Tribute was delivered to us after a full restoration from ​Backyard Legends​ and ​Sonderwerks​ here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This restoration was comprehensive covering the drivetrain, interior, and paintwork. Every nut and bolt was replaced on this vehicle and the restoration was carried out to an extremely high level of quality. Before this vehicle sees the elements of driving the road, the owner wanted to have professional long term protection applied to their investment.

Porsche 911 Ceramic Coating & PPF
Porsche 911 Full Coverage PPF & Ceramic Coating
Porsche 911 RSR Rear PPF

The client opted to have our fully custom drivers package paint protection film coverage installed. This service includes the full hood, full fenders, front bumper, rocker panel, and partial quarter panel being covered in STEK USA DYNOshieldpaint protection film. Additionally, our customer requested to have the paintwork machine polished and ceramic coated with Nv Car Care NOVA Pro.

Porsche 911 PPF Installation Charlotte

How Is Our Process Different?

Our custom handcrafted PPF installation process results in the most hidden appearance with the most possible coverage. We also set ourselves apart by preparing the surfaces to be wrapped in protective film and ceramic coated extensively. This includes a multiple-stage chemical and mechanical decontamination, as well as machine polishing the paint. This ensures that the paint is perfectly clean and free of contamination and superficial scratches. The goal is to safely eliminate as many paint defects, etching, and scratches from the clear-coated surface while bringing out maximum gloss and color saturation. 

Additionally, we run an online car care supplybusiness and equip our clients with the knowledge, tools, and products to successfully maintain the professional protective services that we install for them.

PPF Porsche 911 Charlotte
Porsche 911 RSR PPF Close-Up
PPF Installation Charlotte Porsche 911 RSR
Porsche 911 RSR & Nv Car Care Products
Paint ProtectionFilm Installation Porsche 911 RSR
Paint Protection Film Services

What Is Paint Protection Film And What Are The Benefits?

Paint protection film is a clear TPU based product that is designed to protect the paintwork against stone chips, scratches, and etching from harsh driving environments. We choose to use STEK DYNOshield for its unmatched optical clarity, gloss, and overall durability. Paint protection film is the ultimate form of paint protection for a user who wants the ability to enjoy their vehicle while greatly reducing their chances of stone chips, scratches, and etching.

The durability of STEK paint protection film is measured in years and carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty against cracking, yellowing, discoloration, and staining. We typically recommend our clients with vehicles driven 12,000-15,000+ miles per year to replace the film every 5-6 years or as needed.

Porsche 911 RSR Clear Bra
Porsche 911 RSR Paint Protection Film
Charlotte PPF Porsche 911 RSR
Porsche 911 RSR ppf coating
Porsche 911 car paint protection film installers
Porsche 911 clear bra installation
Porsche 911 PPF Installer

What Is A Ceramic Coating And What Are The Benefits?

Nv NOVA Pro is designed to benefit the user who routinely maintains their vehicle through a proper handwashing regiment. This product will make the paintwork much easier to clean as well as maintain a high level of gloss over an extended period of time. Vehicles with a softer more delicate clear coat will benefit from an increase in surface hardness, which will help with marring caused by hand washing and towel drying over months and years of time.

Ultimately this helps maintain desirable paint correction and machine polishing results that are achieved prior to installing the coating. The durability of Nv NOVA PRO is measured in years of time, which avoids the need for the reapplication of a polymer sealant or carnauba wax which is measured in weeks and months. Routinely washing the vehicle with Nv Snow and quick detailing with NOVA Boost, along with periodic decontamination is all that is required for a long-lasting effect.

Porsche 911 Nv Pro Ceramic Coating Products
Porsche 911 RSR Nv Ceramic Coating
Porsche 911 RSR ceramic coating Charlotte NC
Porsche 911 Porsche 911 RSR ceramic coating Charlotte NC
Porsche 911 RSR ppf coating Charlotte
Porsche 911 car paint protection film installers

When Is the Best Time To Have These Products Applied?

Paint protection film is best applied to a vehicle as soon as fresh paintwork is fully cured. The longer the vehicle is driven without a protective film, the higher the probability is for irreversible damage such as stone chips, scratches, and permanent etching. Some of these damages will have a negative impact on the appearance of the protective film install, especially rock chips and pitting. The same mentality can be mostly be carried over for ceramic coating timeframe. The earlier the protective coating is applied, the less susceptible the coated surfaces are to etchings that can be quite difficult to remove on a non coated surface.

This being said, we have wrapped and coated vehicles with tens of thousands of miles on them with fantastic results. Our dedication to quality prep work ensures that the surfaces are detailed to the most ideal possible condition prior to applying the protective film and coatings. This ensures a quality end result.

Final Results

Porsche 911 charlotte ppf
Porsche 911 RSR ppf coating
Porsche 911 RSR paint correction
Porsche 911 interior

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