There are many different reasons to protect the exterior and interior surfaces of one’s new Tesla Model Y. In this article, we will be explaining the best methods for having a Tesla protected and the reasons why we want to protect the vehicle from long term damages. Here at Parks Detailing we have protected many new Teslas since the Model S first arrived on the market.

There is no one exact way to protect one’s vehicle when you take into consideration the different regiments, budgets, and goals for each individual owner. The owner of this Model Y opted for one of our two most popular packages, consisting of a custom full front coverage STEK DYNOshield paint protection film with Nv NOVA series ceramic coatings for the paintwork and exterior glass. The next most popular package we offer is a custom full body paint protection film installation along with a combination of Nv ceramic coatings.

You may have lingering questions such as why it is important to wrap at least the full front end of my Tesla Model Y with paint protection film? What are some of the added benefits of having a professional STEK DYNOshield paint protection film installation? What are the benefits of having ceramic coatings professionally applied? What can I expect when having a professional protect my vehicle? Lastly, how do I care for the paint protection film and ceramic coatings? We will be reviewing and answering these topics below.

Why PPF & Coatings?
Automotive manufacturers continue to face new regulations around the materials involved with painting vehicles form the factory. Tesla are known for having notoriously thin paint from the factory, which puts them at a higher risk for stone chips and pitting on the painted panels. In our facility, we have seen Model 3, Model S, and Model X with as few as 500 miles on them that already have significant chipping and pitting across the leading edge panels and lower rocker panels.

Nv NOVA Pro Model Y Charlotte Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Paint Protection Film
The first and most commonly sought after benefit of paint protection film is its incredible impact resistance to stone chips and minor debris. STEK DYNOshield provides puncture resistance for vehicles that see driving in the form of city, highway, track, and mountain driving.

Our custom installation process results in as many edges being wrapped as possible, and each panel being installed in one solid piece of film. What this means for the customer is that using multiple pieces with lined up seams will not be necessary, providing the cleanest visual aesthetic as well as maximum film coverage.

In the up close photo above, both the front bumper cover, fender and hood are wrapped. You can see the results of our advanced hand cut installation methods and how hidden the overall appearance is. This advantage is critical for light colored vehicles such as white, where dirt collection on exposed edges will be more so visible than a darker paint would.

STEK DYNOshield Model Y Bumper PPF
Tesla Model Y Custom PPF Charlotte NC

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings
For the exterior surfaces of the vehicle that are not covered with paint protection film, we highly recommend the Nv NOVA series coating range. This particular Model Y received a professional NOVA Pro application for the paintwork and NOVA Glass for the exterior glass surfaces.

Nv Snow+ Decontamination Model Y Charlotte

This particular Model Y required compounding in a handful of isolated areas to alleviate the surface of factory sanding scratches. Beyond those defects, the paintwork was in overall good condition, so we opted for Nv Moph to remove faint clear coat scratches and fine haze, leaving behind a perfectly primed and glossy surface for the NOVA Pro application. The decontamination, polishing, surface preparation and curing aspects of a ceramic coating install are arguably the most important steps for ensuring a quality install. All of our coating installations include these processes at a minimum to ensure a quality application. Vehicles in need of extensive preparation will require hours of paint correction prior to applying the coating and are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the condition of the paintwork and the client’s goals.

Rupes Model Y Polishing Paint Correction Charlotte
NOVA Pro Ceramic Coating Tesla Model Y
NOVA Pro Ceramic Coating Tesla Model Y Charlotte

The primary task of NOVA Glass is to increase your safety and that of your passengers, as well as the comfort of driving in difficult road conditions. The worse the driving conditions, the more the driver should be focused on driving. This advanced coating provides a much better view of the road by repelling water and dirt, and ultimately increasing transparency.

Nv NOVA Glass Ceramic Coating Tesla Model Y
Nv NOVA Glass Ceramic Coating Tesla Model Y Charlotte 1

Long Term Expectations
A proper detailing regiment is necessary to retain the gloss and clarity of a vehicle with protective film and ceramic coatings. Neglected paint protection film will discolor prematurely verses a film that is routinely decontaminated and protected against the elements of routinely driving. We recommend that our clients who daily drive their vehicles to replace the protective film every five years depending on the miles and driving conditions.

From our experience, professionally installed ceramic coatings will retain their self-cleaning and protective qualities for up to three years or longer on properly maintained vehicles that are daily driven. The average durability for an exterior window coating on a daily driven vehicle is between 12 & 24 months with proper maintenance. Routinely washing, decontaminating and periodically protecting your ceramic coating will ensure you get maximum longevity and return on the investment into the coating. For routine hand washing, we recommend using Nv Snow and KLIN Korea Softy Series Pad, followed by NOVA Boost Quick Detailer applied using a KLIN Zero Finish. For protecting NOVA Pro we suggest NOVA Jet applied to a clean wet vehicle using a KLIN Zero Finish.

Nv Car Care & KLIN Detailing Supplies

Both paint protection film and ceramic coatings will last beyond five years in a garage kept setting with minimal yearly mileage and a quality routine maintenance regiment. While durability is an important factor when investing in professional paint protection services, our philosophy is to focus on the added benefits of introducing protective film and ceramic coatings into a quality detailing regiment.

After Photos

Tesla Model Y PPF & Coatings Charlotte NC
Tesla Model Y PPF Charlotte NC
Tesla Model Y Custom PPF Charlotte NC
Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film

In summary, one can not expect to “set it and forget it” when it comes to paint protection film and coatings. These services are not necessarily catered to users who will routinely brush wash a vehicle, or avoid routinely hand washing entirely. Detailing enthusiasts and clients who choose to pay a detailer to maintain their vehicles will notice significant benefit when investing in a professional paint protection film and ceramic coating service. The owner of this Tesla Model Y will be protecting the delicate original paintwork, while also making it easier to maintain on a routine basis. We sell a full range of detailing supplies and tools online and also offer in house maintenance service for our clients.