This stunning BMW came in for full body paint protection film service. BMW frozen paint systems are beautiful in appearance but lack the same resilience as a standard gloss clear coat system. Automotive paint systems are subject to abuse every time they see the open road. Superficial damages such as scratches, swirls along with etching from bird droppings, limescale and mineral deposits are difficult to remediate on matte and satin paint systems due to the abrasive measures required to accomplish a successful removal.

STEK DYNOmatt paint protection film is specifically designed to protect factory matte and satin paint systems without changing the appearance. DYNOmatt paint protection film has the same amazing impact resistance, auto recovery and self-cleaning features as the rest of the STEK paint protection film offerings. This means that the paint system will have protection against rock chips and abrasions. Swirl marks, light scratches and etchings will also “heal” when washed and introduced to a heat source such as sunlight or warm water. Lastly, the films advanced hydrophobic top coating makes hand washing an enjoyable process due to how easily dirt and filth releases from the film. Our custom installation process involves removing badges and emblems, wrapping panels in one piece of film whenever possible and wrapping as many edges as possible.

BMW 850i M Sport xDrive Gran Coupe PPF
BMW 850i PPF Installation
BMW 850i Rear PPF Installation
BMW 850i Gran Coupe PPF Installation
BMW 850i PPF Installation
BMW Rear PPF Installation

The result is a nearly invisible installation with maximum coverage and protection. This film carries a manufacture warranty for seven years against yellowing, fading, and cracking.

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BMW Clear Bra

The entire vehicle is now protected against rock chips and environmental elements, which will ultimately preserve the value of the vehicle and slow the aging process dramatically.  Visit and contact us below to learn how we can build a custom paint protection film package to suit your vehicle’s needs.