Azuritschwarz Metallic – Competition Package – 6 Speed Manual

This stunning 2019 BMW M4 Convertible is sporting a six speed manual, individual Azuritschwarz Metallic paint with a competition package. The client requested our most popular service package combination, consisting of our drivers package paint protection film, enhancement polishing, and our signature ceramic coatings for the paintwork, exterior glass and wheels.

We began this service with a decontamination wash, a process that encompasses all the proper chemical and mechanical forms of decontaminating the exterior of the vehicle. This ensures that we are entering the machine polishing stage with clean and smooth surfaces for a safe polishing process and maximizes our results. We start by foaming the entire vehicle in a thick pre-wash to help loosen all the filth from the cracks and crevices of the vehicles trim and body panels.

We followed by hand washing with a PH neutral car shampoo, specific fallout, tar and limescale removers and one final hand wash using car shampoo.

The vehicle was safely dried using forced heated air and a large microfiber drying towel. Lastly, the paintwork is degreased using a surface degreaser to remove any remaining oils from waxes, sealants or polishes. The painted panels were then closely inspected edge to edge using LED lighting to reveal superficial flaws in the clear coat prior to carefully claying the surfaces by hand.

We polished the surfaces using forced rotation and dual action machines with various pads and abrasive liquids. The paintwork on each specific vehicle is treated according to the severity of defects, amount of clear coat material remaining and the customers desired level of finish. This particular vehicle did not have severe defects and received two stages of refinement, the first using microfiber pads and a medium polish to remove minor defects while increasing gloss and color saturation. A final polish was performed using a Si02 primer polish to remove fine haze, increase clarity and provide an ideal surface for the final coating application.

Our drivers package paint protection film package includes custom full panel coverage for the hood, fenders, front bumper cover, mirrors and rocker panels.

We also applied partial coverage to the luggage area, rear bumper impact areas, pillars and leading edge of the roof.

The full panel coverage areas are custom hand cut, to cover as much painted area and wrap as many edges as possible for a hidden appearance.

Our drivers’ package is our most popular paint protection film service, and for great reason. It covers the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle from rock chips, scratches and pitting.

This client has chosen to purchase car care supplies through our online store, as well as bringing the vehicle in periodically to have us deep clean the surfaces and apply toppers to maintain the protection that was applied. Subscribing to this level of care is going to ensure that the client receives the highest return on their investment for the detailing and protection services they purchased.

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