This exquisite Ferrari 550 Maranello was brought to us by our friends at Sports Car Digest Garage, a member of the Sports Car Digest Family. This is an extremely special vehicle as it is one of the last V12 stick shift Ferraris ever produced. As this vehicle is prepared for sale, it will be receiving our enhancement and protection detail. This is a new service which we are extremely excited to begin offering our customers. Once this vehicle has gone through our thorough decontamination and preparation process, it will be receiving our enhancement polishing service. Enhancement polishing offers light defect removal and intensification of color and lustre. This is the perfect service for those which wish to refresh their paint and improve the overall appearance. Once the polishing is complete we will apply a durable paint sealant to protect the freshly enhanced paint. From start to finish we have chosen to exclusively use Angelwax products for this project. We are extremely excited to reveal the improvements achieved throughout this process. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram stories for updates.

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Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra
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