Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is a three-layer protective film consisting of a protective top coating, thermoplastic polyurethane film and an adhesive. This highly elastic, TPU film is designed to protect your car from scratches, chips and stains caused by rocks and road debris, bugs, bird droppings, UV rays, and more.

Protection from the Elements
PPF keeps your car looking newer for longer. The thin layer of polyurethane film acts as a skin that helps to protect the paint from rock chips and scratches, UV exposure, mineral deposits, acid rain, etc. Paint protection film also provides stain resistance, adds surface durability and is difficult to notice when properly installed. The hydrophobic properties of STEK DYNOshield repel dirt, mud, oils, smudges, and streaks.

Easy to Remove
The beauty of PPF is that, unlike paint, it can be removed by a professional installer, leaving almost no trace that it was ever there. If down the road you decide to sell your car, you can remove the film, displaying a like-new finish that will surely impress the prospective buyer.

Saves Money
Paint protection film avoids the cost involved with a professional repaint of your vehicle’s paintwork and helps retain the value associated with original factory paintwork. Having this protection can increase the resale value of your vehicle when the time comes to sell.  Buyers will appreciate how well the car was preserved and also benefit from the long-term protection down the road.

Possible Bubbles and Peels
Improper installation or installing the film before thoroughly preparing the vehicle can cause excessive debris and defects in the film. A poor installation leads to excessive moisture and causes air pockets to appear on the surface that can easily be seen. If the installer does not use industry leading materials and processes, including wrapping certain edges properly, the film will collect dirt on exposed edges and begin to lift within a short period of time.

Possible Paint Damage
Custom paint protection film has to be carefully hand cut to ensure the blade does not hit the paint during application. Inexperienced installers can accidentally cut into the paint causing permanent damage to the finish.

Paint Protection Film is a great investment if you want to protect and preserve your painted finish. The most important thing to remember when considering PPF is to thoroughly vet the professionals who will be installing the product on your vehicle to ensure a quality process and product is being used. At Parks Detailing, we use STEK Paint Protection Film. This film provides a high gloss finish, has self-healing properties, is anti-yellowing, puncture resistant and hydrophobic. The expert installers at Parks Detailing will apply this durable, highly advanced paint protection film on your car, creating an invisible barrier between your car and the elements. You can choose to wrap the most highly vulnerable areas, like the hood and front bumper or wrap the entire vehicle for maximum protection. Contact us today to receive a complimentary quote on your specific automobile.